The course will teach advanced technology in architectural visualization. Render in a second, interactive presentations and tours in architecture and design


1 june 2021
6 weeks

Why Unreal Engine

No competition
All major architectural visualization studios are looking for good specialists in the Unreal Engine
New technology, lack of staff, expensive projects, high salaries
Completely free
Stable working tool
The terms of the license of the program, allow you to use it for free in archviz
The engine rarely crashes or crashes compared to, for example, 3ds Max
Effectiveness and effectiveness
By preparing and setting up a project in Unreal Engine, you will get spectacular renders in just a second and quickly save the animation
Most popular game engine
Most of the popular games are made in the Unreal Engine, and for the archives it is used 100% of the time.

Unreal Engine vs Corona Renderer comparison

Unreal Engine saves renders in a second and this quality is interactive, you can walk inside the project and interact with objects
Project from the inside
This is how the project looks from the inside, made on our course in Unreal Engine
Student work
These renders were made in almost one second, but before that the guys optimized all the furniture, created their own materials from scratch and put the lights in the Unreal Engine
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 1
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 2
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 3
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 4
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 5
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 6
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 7
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 8
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 9
Рендер в Unreal Engine Вид 10
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What will you get
Over 20 hours of video and 100 prepared lectures, as well as live webinars
Skills for high-paying cases
The opportunity to become part of our team
Prompt individual assistance from our curators
Knowledge in demand around the world
Bonuses and certificate
* Bonuses are received by students who conscientiously perform tasks, communicate in a group and do not violate the ethical and internal rules of the school, who have passed the final work at the end of the course.
Students who have fulfilled the conditions of bonuses and by voting of members of the closed community are allowed to the MASTER GROUP chat
What is needed to start
Powerful computer
Knowledge in 3ds Max
Unreal Engine is a game engine that, of course, runs on a video card, if you have a weak video card, it will be difficult for you to work in it. Recommended minimum is GeForce 970. Projects in Unreal Engine can weigh from 5 to 30 GB, video lectures take 35 GB. Bonuses over 100 GB, make sure you have enough hard drive space in advance
This is the knowledge that is currently the most demanded in archviz. This course is not about how to create visualizations. To understand and assimilate knowledge, you must already confidently work in 3ds Max (experience of at least 1 year). You must have several completed projects in classic engines (corona, v-ray, fstorm)
Time to work on a project
You will need about 4-5 hours each day to complete your homework during the course. It takes a long time to master the technology the first time. In the future, the creation of a similar project will take you several days.
These are the necessary conditions for comfortable passage of the course and delivery of the final work, since the course is time consuming and difficult for beginners
The main stages of training
Delivery of lectures
The forum publishes video lectures on the current stage and sets the task
Technical advice
In the group chat, you communicate with each other and our curators who help you
Upon completion of the course, you submit your project, receive bonuses, a certificate and the opportunity to join the closed community UNREAL MASTER GROUP
Delivery of work
Webinars are held as checkpoints at which homework is checked and the following instructions are issued

Unreal Engine Earnings

Stanislav Kozlovsky (ArhiTeach) and Slava Oganesyan (Lunas) talk about working in Unreal Engine - where and how it is applied, who is the customer, current and future projects

Feedback from students

Eduard Shevtsov
Architect, designer, 3d modeler
Hello again!

You have already noticed that words have accumulated.) And so. There is an opinion that the project cannot be completed, but only stopped. Perhaps I will stop for now. The result of the work at the end of the link to Yandisk. The archive with the build is about 2.5GB. It contains the entire presentation part. But I remember at the very beginning ...
I wanted to download an archive with a build (walker) as development progressed. But I always wanted to finish a little here, here a little more, but this is generally a shame. How can you build this? In short, it did not work out. Satisfied with the result by 9/10. Anti-aliasing is a well-known problem, but it still dims the light as it is. The sequence is still finalized. As for me, it's generally fun for first ever working with video. And Premiere turns out to be not complicated at all. Behind a glass partition is a collective farm a la adjoining room. I will do it much later.

Many thanks to fellow students for the pleasant company. To all the curators, Zhenya, Andrey, Alexey for their prompt help and no less pleasant company. Marina for organizing this case. Igor and, of course, Stas for the coolest and neatly arranged set of knowledge! All of you specifically kicked my skills far and for a long time. I definitely want to keep doing anrial in this direction. Anyway, it so happened that the project strongly motivated me to change. The whole interior is gray, like Petersburg, a computer in a cramped corner, and the sea, it's just ...

Happy viewing.)
Stanislav Murashkin
Architect, visualizer
Recently, a course on Unreal Engine finished, and I finally gathered my thoughts to describe my emotions about the experience.

Looking ahead, I will immediately note that the feedback, like emotions, is purely positive, and I don't think it could be otherwise, since this is not the first time I come across the Arhiteach school, and for a long time ...
familiar with their approach and professionalism.

In this course, I was primarily attracted by its uniqueness, because there are no analogs of the same capacious, well-developed structure and filled with the most important information. Unreal Engine is just beginning to conquer the architectural visualization market, and quite rapidly, but the real professionals who own the program and are ready to share their experience at the same time can be counted on one hand.

This is far from the easiest program to master, and the course, in my opinion, ideally takes this into account: the information is presented in such an accessible, detailed and logical manner that at the end of the course there are simply no questions left, and you feel that you are completely ready for independent work and further improvement in Unreal.

I am extremely grateful to Stanislav for this truly unique opportunity for intensive development. It's hard to even imagine how much time and effort I would spend on learning Unreal outside the course, without the support that Stas gives, without access to well-structured information and, most importantly, without relying on Stanislav's real experience, who is in practice every day faces a huge number of questions and working moments.

Thank you very much for sharing such unique material and helping to develop everyone who is ready for this!
Certificate of completion of the course "UNREAL ENGINE FOR ARCHVIZ"
arhi.teach certificate, unreal engine for archviz
Course team
Stanislav Kozlovsky
Course instructor
Stanislav is the creator of the ARHI.TEACH training platform. Has 16 years of experience in architectural visualization. He is an Official Certified Autodesk Trainer. Currently he lives in New Zealand and collaborates with the largest archvisa studio as the chief 3D artist.
Zhenya Sidorov
Igor Zaitsev
Maria Solovyova
Course curator
Course Programmer
Course administrator
Zhenya is an example of an excellent student, serves as a yardstick for us. Zhenya took more than one course at ARHI.TEACH, showing stunning results in each of them. By joining our team, he improves the skills of students, helping to develop their potential.
Igor graduated from Mechanics and Mathematics and is a classic example of an outstanding personality. His experience in the gaming industry is not limited to the Unreal Engine. Igor uses advanced technologies and programming languages ​​in his work. On the course, he helps creative individuals make friends with mathematics and visual programming logic.
Masha is our core, which unites everyone. She organizes all our events. Masha is well versed in the industry, is an architect and draws beautifully. She will answer any question and guide you in the right direction.
Course curator
Try to ask Edward a question (preferably within the course) that he cannot give an answer to - there has not yet been a topic that Ed does not understand or cannot give a detailed answer!
Eduard Shevtsov
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Your name
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Administration Assistant
After completing the course, we can invite you to our team of curators. But it is necessary to show a high level of work!
We are looking for an assistant programmer for the course, our course is developing and we need more specialists. If you have experience in creating Blueprints and you are fluent in C ++ then send your portfolio to us at info@arhiteach.com
We need to increase our administrative department, if you have relevant experience and understanding of our industry, then send your resume, we will definitely consider your candidacy info@arhiteach.com
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Unreal Engine Course Schedule

We send the first instructions by mail, open access
(the schedule may be slightly adjusted)
21:00 - GMT+3
Webinar 01
At the webinar, we approve the object on which you will work on the course.
During the week we have been working on optimization and naming of geometry
21:00 - GMT+3
Webinar 02
At the webinar, we check the optimization and the name.
During the week we are working on sweeps and light
21:00 - GMT+3
Webinar 03
At the webinar, we check the sweeps and light.
During the week we are working on materials and studying blueprints
21:00 - GMT+3
Webinar 04
At the webinar, we check materials and blueprints.
Within a week, we are finalizing materials, blueprints, creating a video and an application
23/06/2021 -
Finalization of the project
We are finalizing the project with curators, improving, eliminating shortcomings
The project is completed and submitted for verification
Everyone whose project was credited received bonus materials.
Curatorial support for 2 more weeks
Would you like to enroll in a course or need more information?
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