Sergey Kosenko
3D environment artist
Hello Stas!

As already discussed, you can work on the project endlessly, but the result that I got at this stage was fine with me. Thank you for this course and support. Of course, I will continue to work on the project, the creation of BP and interactive, but only a little later. Work does not wait!) Once again, I would like to express my gratitude, and the main thing is not victory, but participation!)

On this course, I acquired not only knowledge, but also met wonderful colleagues who are also passionate about their craft. And the fact that our community is now beginning to form and I consider the main achievement of this course! Thank you!
Alexey Fedosenko
Designer, photographer
Coming to the course, I had absolutely no practical experience of working in Unreal, and moreover, I had never even opened this program.
The course is quite voluminous and it took quite a lot of time to master it. On average, I had to devote 4-5 hours of daily work. More than once I had to redo individual elements, to say that I was tired of work - there is nothing to say. But with all this, the result of the final work was getting better and better.

Ultimately, after four weeks of hard, intense work on learning the basics and delving deeper and deeper into the jungle of Unreal, I can say that now I can easily assemble any interior in it. The study is very addictive, especially when the result begins to emerge, getting up in the morning I wanted to sit down at the program again and do something, if I restrained myself so as not to break away from the main work.

Definitely many thanks to the author for the course, thumbs up!
Roman Krotovich
Modeler, visualizer
Hey! Now it's time for a review)

Now five weeks have passed along with the Unreal Engine course from Arhi.Teach studio. Not easy, time consuming, at times it seemed impossible, but soooo exciting and amazing! From the stage "I don't even know how this program opens" - to the final result. I can’t even believe that it was done by my hands. Start, move on, establish new horizons, know more, be better, achieve the set goal - all this turned out to be real thanks to the experience and knowledge of professionals who are ready to share their skills with us.

Stas, guys, thank you very much for helping to master new and interesting things, to develop and gain skills in this area, for your support, your willingness to always come to the rescue and resolve any issue that arises! It was a great decision to choose your course! You are great fellows! Good luck and prosperity, and we will not stop there and will develop together with you
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Timur Abilkaev
Freelancer, visualizer, concept artist
The project is officially over. I have done a great job, but my project is rather modest. Implemented walking simulation, main menu, render gallery. Of the shortcomings, I did not have time to implement a system of interaction with objects, turning on and off the light, changing materials. If I had not given up these options, the project would not have been delivered on time.

Some materials behave with artifacts, for example the window frame (although I redesigned it and made a new scan). However, in general I consider the task completed and for the first work in UE4 is quite good.

Next, I want to revise some of the lectures and improve my knowledge, especially in the field of light, besides, I will need to make an exterior in my work.
Alexey Filippov
Architect, designer
I want to express my gratitude to all the creators and participants of the Unreal Engine for archviz 2.0 course project. The program turned out to be difficult, but intense. You need to carefully prepare for the course. Both in terms of raw materials and time planning.

As a result, I received a finished project that I could present to potential customers. I believe that such a result fully justifies the time and money spent.

I wish the ARHI.TEACH team success and quality development of such useful educational projects.
Olga Sofronova
Stas, hello!

The Unreal Engine course ended this week. For me, this story began a year ago, when I saw the result of a group of people who created a house in unreal, for the company where I work. I walked around this house in vr glasses and could not believe my eyes that this was possible. Then I sowed the grain that I really want to learn this. But how?)

And then a letter to the mail, a webinar and the first lesson that has already passed without me) I flew into this outgoing train, I think I flew in with success.
I will probably say that I did not expect this from this course! I didn’t expect it to be easy, but of course I didn’t expect it to be so. I don’t want to say it’s difficult, although it’s difficult, of course, but rather voluminous. A lot of information, a lot of new things!
I have revised my final work 100 times, I really like it. And it helps a little to forget how many nerves there were, how many screams, horror that I won't have time or won't succeed)) I still don't believe that I did it)

I really want to thank Stas and his team! Thank you guys for sharing such knowledge !!! There is definitely no such second course! Thank you for your support, help, motivation! Thank you for having good people in the group who are ready to help and support, this is important. Thank you!!!
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Evgeny Sidorov
Architect, visualizer
Hi Stas)

I want to say thank you very much for this course) a very interesting program, albeit rather complicated ... But once max seemed unrealistically difficult)) In the lessons everything is told in an accessible and understandable way, but still there are questions and sometimes errors. I also want to tell people who like to get ahead of themselves in the learning process - this program is not the one in which you can do this, otherwise a large number of errors may form that are difficult to solve (in the flesh, to the point that it is easier to recreate the scene)
Jan Isakovich
Interior designer / visualizer

I finished everything at the beginning of the week, as I said, I will have time in a week. I had to sweat with video editing, of course. I did not come across such programs. Here's what happened. It was hard, of course, but I did it. I will now master the anrial deeper.

Thanks for the course.
Oleg Penkin
C # programmer
Hi Stas.

Finally, I'll hand over my work. In general, there was no time to polish everything better, I see my flaws, but there was absolutely no time left. During the course, I passed three projects in parallel. If it had always been like this, I would have already been a millionaire.
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Anna Doinikova
Stas, thank you very much for the unreal engine!

This, of course, is of course a completely new layer of knowledge for me and absolutely unique in its presentation and content. It's like with max - if in your courses, then quickly and efficiently, and if you study and understand yourself - a couple (tens ????) years)))

What I liked the most was optimizing the scene before work. Long live Rizom and the removal of polygons that are not visible to the eye! This is a separate meditative layer.

Well, and a parting word to "future generations": "Get ready to work!" ))))
Sergey Maltsev
Stas and the whole team, welcome)

Thanks for the course, which was a breeze, there were a lot of interesting things both about Unreal Engine and design tips in general. The material is well dosed and it was interesting to complete the tasks. The team of curators always find time to clarify, which is good news. All liked it)

Good luck
Umar Aliyev
Hello Stas!

Thank you for this course and support. I will continue to work and improve. Once again I would like to express my gratitude, and the main thing is not victory, but participation!) On this course, I acquired not only knowledge, but also met wonderful colleagues.

Thank you!
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